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Restorative Justice Discipline

Bringing restorative justice to school discipline


Restorative Justice Discipline - Discipline That Restores (DTR) Training

Any of the training options below are most successful when participants implement the full DTR flow chart as presented for at least the first three years and then if desired, make adjustments as appropriate to the context. Using some of the DTR theory, skills and strategies alongside a punitive discipline system appears to be successful at first but then loses effectiveness over time as the punitive discipline is seen as the real system by the students. Restorative Justice Discipline - Discipline That Restores is not designed to be a nicer way of punishing. It is designed to be an alternative to a punitive discipline system and more effective in that it requires and supports more accountability, responsibility, and constructive change.

Making Things Right (MTR) is a curriculum to train students to use these DTR skills and strategies as peer mediators and to be better equipped to be full participants in the restorative justice discipline - Discipline That Restores program and processes in the classroom. Training for MTR is best when it follows the DTR training. Many teachers, after using DTR for some time, can use the MTR curriculum without any additional training or if desired, a brief and customized training.

Options for DTR Training

(To get quotes on costs or to discuss the options, send an email to info@restorativejusticediscipline.com.)
  1. Reading the DTR book and practicing, experiencing, and implementing the theory, skills and strategies is the most efficient and a very effective training process, especially when accompanied with regular staff meetings or smaller group meetings to discuss successes and challenges in understanding and implementing the theory, skills and strategies. Additional resources available to add value to your self study include:
    1. The DTR Training Manual is designed to guide individuals and groups in reading and studying the book. It provides guided experiences, discussion questions, and additional reading to broaden ones understanding. It includes role plays and forms that can be duplicated for training. The DTR Training Manual will be available in Spring 2019.
    2. A PowerPoint presentation on each chapter created by Ron and Roxanne Claassen is available to accompany individuals and groups reading and studying DTR independently.
    3. Video tape presentations by Ron and Roxanne Claassen on each chapter are also available.
    4. Conversation with Ron and Roxanne Claassen via phone, facetime, etc to discuss implementation progress and challenges.
  2. Training for Trainers, A course to become a Certified DTR Trainer We recommend that a school or district have a team that is DTR Certified to make the DTR Restorative Justice Discipline program sustainable. Each year a school or district has new teachers and this team can provide the ongoing training. The course is designed and offered directly by Ron and Roxanne Claassen. It is designed for a teacher or administrator who has used DTR with integrity for at least one year. It can be taken at a distance, it does not require on-site training. The course is designed as a modified tutorial course, in the style of Cambridge University. The pace is determined by the persons taking the course and usually is completed in 3-12 months.
  3. Customized on-site training by Ron and Roxanne Claassen or other Certified DTR Trainers. We recommend a four day training for new schools or districts. It is great if some or all of the training days are separated by 2-4 weeks to allow for participants to try out the theory, skills and strategies and come to the next session with stories and questions. It is recommended that the participants include a team who will, after gaining some DTR experience, take the DTR Certified Trainers course, to insure that your DTR program is ongoing and sustainable.
  4. Online Courses through Fresno Pacific University (FPU) - Professional Development and Continuing Education
    1. DTR Online Course. The course name is "Classroom Restorative Discipline" The course number is EDUC 915N, The FPU website for the course is https://ce.fresno.edu/independent-studies/educ-915n
    2. Making Things Right (MTR) Online Course. The course name is "Student Mediator Training." The course number is EDUC 920. The FPU website for the course is https://ce.fresno.edu/independent-studies/educ-920

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