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Restorative Justice Discipline

Bringing restorative justice to school discipline


RJ/VORP/CJC Articles

The Amy Wall Story
This article/sermon tells the story of a drunk driving case that killed a high school girl, Amy Wall and the amazing follow-up that continues to this day, 30+ years from the time of the incident. After 10+ years, the offender and his wife had three meetings: one with Amy's brother, one with her father, and one with her mother. We continue to have contact with all of the people involved. All of the people involved in this case are amazing people. Please read their story, the Amy Wall Story.

Restorative Justice Fundamental Principles
This article starts with a one page summary of Principles written by Ron and adopted by the UN Working Party on Restorative Justice and presented in Vienna, (1996) as a starting point introducing RJ to the UN Agenda Committee for the International Crime Congress 2000.

The 42 page article describes each principle and how these principles could transform a punitive criminal justice system into a restorative justice system. With minor adjustments, it can be applied to school, business, family or any other discipline system.

VORP: History, Analysis using Niebuhr's Categories, Where to from Here?

Restorative Justice Principles Implementation

Restorative Justice: A Framework for Fresno.
Last revision February 2001. This document was created by a group of RJ leaders in Fresno, CA. It was circulated among government, non-profit and business leaders for their endorsement and implementation. This document and the community wide training related to it, led to the development of a number of NGOs and government program modifications, including Community Justice Conferencing, a partnership between VORP and the Fresno County juvenile justice system.

Restorative Justice Assessment Instrument
This PDF document will help you assess the extent to which restorative justice principles are at work in your organization.

Measuring Restorative Justice in Classrooms, Schools, and Districts
Developed by Ron Claassen, this is a continuum measurement tool, from Restorative to Not Restorative, to evaluate to what extent a discipline system under the name restorative justice, restorative practices, etc. meets the criteria of being restorative.

VORP Newsletters

Ron wrote a VORP newsletter (monthly 1983-1999) that included a thought piece. Listening Opens Doors to Reconciliation is one of these thought pieces. Each newsletter also included a VORP Story. 1996-1999 Newsletters can be found at http://restorativejusticediscipline.com/library/vorpnews/

Examples of the thought pieces mentioned above are:
Paper 1: What is Restorative Justice?
Paper 2: What is Forgiveness?
Paper 3: The Myth of "Redemptive Violence"
Paper 4: The J Scale
Paper 5: Accountability and Restorative Justice

"Creating space for dialogue part 1" Conciliation Quarterly spring 1990.

Part 1 describes a private mediation led by Ron Claassen and Walt Parry between two mothers, whose sons had been killed by police, accompanied by a support group and the Fresno, CA Police Chief and a few others from the Police Department. These boys were two of five Hispanic youth killed by police that year.

"Creating space for dialogue part 2" Conciliation Quarterly summer 1990.

Part 2 describes the public forum (an agreed on next step following the Private Mediation) facilitated by Ron Claassen to provide a space for dialogue between members of Fresno's Hispanic community (approximately 300 attended) and city officials. The topic was, "police excessive force in the Hispanic community."

Restorative Justice Implementation - The Fresno Model

This document describes the implementation of Restorative Justice in the Fresno Juvenile Justice System.

University Restorative Discipline Policy

This is a detailed policy developed to change the University punitive discipline system into a restorative discipline system.

University Restorative Discipline

This is an article that describes the development and implementation of the University Restorative Discipline Policy.

Community Justice Conferencing - History and Research/Evaluation Report

The EVALUATION OF FRESNO COUNTY COMMUNITY JUSTICE CONFERENCE PROGRAM was funded by the California Endowment and conducted by a team led by Dr. Mary Louise Frampton, attorney and professor at University of California, Berkeley Law School (Now professor at UC Davis Law School). Ron Claassen wrote an introduction to provide context for the reader of the CJC Research/Evaluation report. It adds background and history information as well as additional detail regarding CJC processes used.

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