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Restorative Justice Discipline

Bringing restorative justice to school discipline


Fresno Pacific University Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies 1990 - 2015 (The first 25 years) by Ron Claassen and Dalton Reimer, 2021

Papers by Ron Claassen:

Commencement address at Fresno Pacific University May 8, 2010

Restorative Justice Principles - Full version
Restorative Justice Principles - United Nations Version

"How We Respond Will Reveal Who We Are"

Responding to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. September 15, 2001 Fresno Bee article by Ron Claassen.

Israel Trip Report

Ron was invited to be one of two guest speakers for the First Restorative Justice Conference in Israel on May 1 and 2, 2002. This is a report of his trip and the conference.

Thailand Trip Report

Ron was a member of Angkana Boonsit's doctoral dissertation committee, traveling to Thailand for her defense. This is a report of that trip with photos. The trip included visits with the Directors General of the Department of Corrections and Department of Probation. He was also lecturer at the Grand Seminar. Report with photos attached (1.4 MB).

Ron and Roxanne Claassen Philippines trip report 2011

Ron was invited to St. Paul's University, Manilla, to provide several lectures introducing Restorative Justice and together with Roxanne, to do a Restorative Justice and Discipline training for selected administrators and faculty and a few others invited by the University. The report includes additional experiences and personal reflections.

Paraguay 2016 trip report

Ron and Roxanne traveled to Paraguay in February 2016 to do training. They did two 3-day training events, one 4-day event and four 1-day consultations with several school districts. In addition they did some sightseeing and visited some Mennonite colonies in the Chaco. This report includes photos.

Lectures/Training in Bienenberg, Switzerland and Travel, History, and Educational Experiences in Germany and Switzerland - November/December 2017

Ron and Roxanne traveled to Germany and Switzerland to do restorative justice training and to meet with schools interested in DTR. Since that time, a DTR Handbook has been translated into German and two schools have been implementing DTR. The reason for the DTR Handbook is to assist those who are interested in promoting RJ in School throughout the schools in Germany.


Writing by others regarding the Claassens' work

"What Teachers Need to Know About Restorative Justice". The article focuses on Oakland, CA schools and the Claassens' work there. (Accessed January 8, 2021.)

Jenkins, Lisa Martine, "Keeping Kids in School: A Spotlight on Fresno and Restorative Justice" (2015). The Chronicle of Social Change (accessed April 28, 2016.)

Robbins, Brian, "A Study of the Implementation of Restorative Justice at a Public High School in Southern California" (2014). Pitzer Senior Theses. Paper 48. http://scholarship.claremont.edu/pitzer_theses/48

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