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Restorative Justice Discipline

Bringing restorative justice to school discipline



An Examination of Restorative Justice in the School Setting
Dr. Sara J Terrill dissertation (included here with her permission). The purpose of the study was to investigate restorative practices with a specific restorative model, Discipline that Restores (DTR).

Darren Aitchison, Doctoral Student, provides an overview of his research on school based Restorative Justice: Building the Case for Discipline That Restores
Research demonstrated DTR effectiveness in three areas: discipline referrals reduction, increased positive student/teacher interactions, improves cognition -repairs long term psychological trauma.

Community Justice Conferencing - History and Research/Evaluation Report
The EVALUATION OF FRESNO COUNTY COMMUNITY JUSTICE CONFERENCE PROGRAM was funded by the California Endowment and conducted by a team led by Dr. Mary Louise Frampton, attorney and professor at University of California, Berkeley Law School (Now professor at UC Davis Law School). Ron Claassen wrote an introduction to provide context for the reader of the CJC Research/Evaluation report. It adds background and history information as well as additional detail regarding CJC processes used.

The Four Options Model: A Tool for Conflict Resolution Specialists and Other Leaders
This 31 page article summarizes portions of Ron's Dissertation. Includes history and development, understanding the model, research findings and more.

Four Options Model: Responding to Conflict and Making Decisions
Ron says all responses to conflict fit into one of four categories. This 64 page article describes the model, history, examples of using the model, advanced understanding of the model, and research.

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